Twin Rotor Centre Delivery Rakes

Our new generation of Swadro Trailer Centre (TC) and Trailed Side (TS) rakes gives you the most advanced multi rotor rakes today.

The new Lift Tine allows these rakes to be operated with faster forward speeds and stands for even more crop in the windrow instead of left behind in the field. 250kg to 350kg more weight compared to our very strong predecessors, means you are buying value for money.


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Krone’s high quality products are full of innovative features to ensure a superior quality of work while maintaining operator comfort. All Krone products are manufactured under strict supervision and care from beginning to end, ensuring a reliable, comfortable and durable finish in all of our machinery.


From the machinery, to the parts, to the people that stand behind them, Krone is engineered for your performance.

Krone has always valued performance over profit in every product we make. The brand is built on innovative, high-quality machinery that performs like nothing else in the field.